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Replacement Windows – 3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Windows – Central PA

Replacement Windows – 3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Windows – Central PA
October 31, 2017 dogtown
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As we head into the winter months the challenges associated with keeping your home comfortable without draining your bank account begins. Energy bills can spike during the Winter time  as more homeowners turn on their heating systems, and these increases can be a lot worse if your windows aren’t performing properly. Windows are one of the first things that get overlooked, but they actually play a sizable role in the insulation value of your home. If your windows are single pane and un-insulated your hard earned dollars could literally be flying out the window. Here are (3) Reasons to upgrade your windows:

1. Better Insulation
Energy efficient windows considerably reduce transfer of heat from the inside to outside in the winter and keeps the heat outside in the summer season. This enhanced performance will  keep your home comfortable year-round and have your heating and air conditioning system  working working harder than necessary!replacement window

2. Lower Utility Bills
Obviously  using less energy at home converts  into less money spent on your utility bills each month. You may also wish to check with local, state, and federal regulations – some Municipalities offer tax credits when you install high performance  windows in your home.

3. Interior fade protection
High performance  windows are also specially designed to filter out ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. These rays can damage many parts of your home interior such as  carpeting, rugs, and furniture, as well as wood flooring, to fade. With up to 98% of UV rays blocked your Interior will be well-protected from fading.


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